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Stay Informed ... Useful City Hall Links and Other Cool Stuff!

Find out more about your city and the people and businesses in it!  Click here for a link to the weekly podcasts of Explore Riverside Weekly!

The City of Riverside is committed to providing the public with as much information as possible to promote accountability and trust in government. Engage Riverside is designed to make this information accessible to the public in a central location and provide a launching pad for future transparency efforts. From the city budget to the City Manager’s employment agreement, documents that track how city government works can be found on this site.  Check it out by clicking here!

Ward 3 Council Member Mike Soubirous takes you on a quick tour of what is new in Magnolia Center!  Click here to watch!

The City of Riverside offers
smart phone and iPad applications to report problems.

Did you know you can download an app on your cell phone or your iPad that will allow you to report certain problems, in an instant, to the City? It's simple to use and makes it easy for you to help keep your neighborhood clean and safe! Here's the information you will need:

Follow the instructions below to download the application to your phone (iPhone or Android) or iPad. When you see a pothole, graffiti or other problem, open the application, take a photo with your phone, select the type of issue, and send. The photo (along with the address via GPS and date/time stamp) goes to the City's 311 Call Center and generates a service request.


  • Stay safe; don't attempt to use these applications (or any app for that matter) while driving.
  • The app works much better outdoors than it does indoors.
  • Most data plans allow for unlimited photos and incident submissions; check your plan.

To install the application from iPhone and iPad devices, go to the iTunes App store and search for "R
iverside 311".

You can also input: itms:// directly into your address bar.

From Android devices, go to the Android marketplace and search for "Riverside311".
You can also input market://search?q=pname:info.johnwheeler.intentdemo directly into your address bar on the phone (not on the desktop).

From Blackberry devices, download the app at: directly into your address bar on the phone (not on the desktop).

You can also submit a request on-line (for a large variety of non-emergency issues).
To do this, click here.

     Riverside's Remodeled Convention Center Now Open

Even in a city that was honored globally as the Most Intelligent Community of the Year, the new Riverside Convention Center stands out as a facility that is as stylish as it is technically savvy.

So what’s so different about the new venue? Well, the Riverside Convention Center (RCC) features over 65,000 sq. ft. of indoor event space smartly designed for the “social” ’side of meetings — and is adjacent to reinvigorated downtown Main Street Riverside. Interaction is key for all meetings, and the new “campus-like” layout of the facility delivers settings for greater social exchanges, conversations and meet-ups. Places to meet-up at a meeting — what a novel idea!

And the venue is the perfect balance of technical and functional. From rich appointments honoring Riverside’s historic architectural spirit, to state-of-the-art meeting rooms and sustainable designs, the Riverside Convention Center surrounds guests with a rejuvenating blend of inspiration and innovation. Enjoy cocktails among wooden trellises, graceful arcades and an open-air plaza. Boost your productivity with leading-edge technology, including theatre-quality audio/visual features, high-efficiency LED lighting, occupant sensors for energy management, recycled materials and drought- tolerant landscaping. No matter your agenda, there’s always something new to make your experience exceptional.

The flexible meeting rooms are perfect for groups of 25 to 3,000, with smart features tailor-made for board meetings, conventions, trade shows, banquets, and more. Plus, the RCC offers convenient parking, and is surrounded by free Wi-Fi and over 650 downtown sleeping rooms — all within walking distance to event centers, the Mission Inn Hotel & Spa (a national historic landmark), and six museums, including the official California Museum of Photography.

You can read more about the renovation by clicking here, and go to their website by clicking here.

Looking for supplies to help you remodel or restore your home?  Check out Habitat for Humanity's Riverside ReStore before you pay full retail price!  They offer a diverse inventory of quality goods and materials.  Inventory varies by the donations they receive but typically they carry tile, appliances, doors, windows, hardware, vanities, cabinets, furniture, home decor items, molding, tools, supplies and so much more.  Go to their website by clicking here and find out all about them!

Have you joined Nextdoor Magnolia Center yet?
No?  What are you waiting for?  

Nextdoor ( is a private social network for the neighborhood. Using Nextdoor's free online platform, neighbors create private neighborhood websites where they get to know one another and ask questions, exchange local advice and recommendations and organize virtual neighborhood watches to reduce crime.
You know how 
unsightly it is to see "stray" shopping carts around the neighborhood?  You can always "report" them by phone or on-line through the City of Riverside's 311 Call Center by calling (951) 826-5311, or at, or by using the mobile 311 app on your phone or iPad (see information below) but now there is another (and possibly faster) option that leads you directly to the company that picks the carts up.  

You can download and install the Cart Snap iPhone app (also good for the iPad) by clicking here, or you can go on-line to, or you can call them at 1-800-252-4613.  

Now there is NO excuse to let those carts sit around on the street!  Be proactive -- report it!

Did you know you can view the agenda for the next
Riverside City Council meeting on-line?
Let your voice be heard by participating in YOUR government!
Submit opinions and questions on-line (at the site listed below) or in person at the meetings!

Riverside City Council Meeting Current Agenda

  You can check out the City of Riverside's home page by clicking here

Riverside residents can now explore and analyze City financial data on the internet.  Recognizing that easy access to the City's financial data is of increasing importance today, the Finance Department recently partnered with a company called OpenGov to increase the transparency and availability of the City's budget and financial transaction data online.  Finance Department staff continue to work with OpenGov to improve the portal's functionality and expand access to the City's financial data.  The latest version of the portal is linked from the Finance Department's webpage and in accessible directly by clicking here.

Vector Control

The Northwest Mosquito and Vector Control District has expanded their services to include all City of Riverside property owners. The new expansion will provide property owners in Riverside with a more coordinated, aggressive, and efficient approach to the surveillance and control of disease carrying pests such as mosquitos, Africanized bees, rats, rodents, and other vectors.

For more information on services, contact the District at (951) 340-9792 or visit their website by clicking here:

Curious about what kind of criminal activities
are going on in your neighborhood?  

The City of Riverside's Police Department has a link to a Crime Statistics map that shows what's been happening and where.  
It probably won't show what every little bump in the night was, but it gives you a good "heads up" and encourages you to be more aware.

Riverside Police Department Crime Statistics

And did you know you can submit selected police reports on line?  To file a report for Illegal Dumping, Lost Property, Theft, Trespassing, Vandalism, or Vehicle Burglary, click here!  

Click here for the latest newsletter (and past copies) from the Riverside Police Department.  Check out all the good things they are doing! 

id you know that the City of Riverside has an on-line Community Calendar? It lists all sorts of events that are happening around our city ... you can even search for ones that might interest you. 

So get your calendars out, click here, and 
and get up-to-date information on events and activities around town. 



The Riverside Arts Council is a private, non-profit corporation whose mission is “to provide, develop, support and sustain the arts.” It is a state local partner of the California Arts Council and a leader among regional and state networks of local art agencies. Established in 1977, it is Riverside County’s central source 
for arts-related services, information, education and outreach. Connecting artists and art organizations within this ever-expanding region, RAC encourages the advancement, participation and integration of visual, literary and performing arts into the fabric of the communities it serves. Programs range from networking and regional arts and cultural infrastructure development to neighborhood revitalization, outreach and collaborative projects that proactively address community changes. is a program of the Riverside Arts Council.  This is the web site for you if you are looking for

   Theatre           Dance     Music    Art

Are you looking for a new best friend? You have lots to choose from at your local animal shelter! Dogs and cats (and sometimes other critters!) that come in all shapes, sizes and ages, are available and all they want is a second chance for a happy life! If you have room in your home and your heart, think about adding someone new to your family. You will be saving a life. Check out the link listed below to see available adoptable animals:

Riverside City/County Department of Animal Services is also known as "animal control" or "the shelter."  Among other responsibilities, they are obligated to take in unwanted and stray animals throughout the city and county. The animals they take in are reunited with their owners, if possible; otherwise they are put up for adoption. Because there is only so much room at the shelter, and there aren't enough homes for them all, a large number of animals are euthanized.  When you adopt from Animal Services you truly are saving a life.

To see photos and information on adoptable animals at the shelter, click here.

All dogs in the City of Riverside over four months of age must be vaccinated against rabies and the vaccinations must remain current in order for owners to obtain annual pet licenses.  For more information on where to get a license, click here.

And, please remember, please be a responsible animal owner, and have all your pets neutered or spayed!

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